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Your guide in buying, selling and developing property by the most educated, influential and respected specialists in this area. Advising clients when making life changing choices in a ever-changing world requires the rare combination of skill, persistence, experience and most importantly care.

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Buyer Agent

From ‘needs analysis’ through research & evaluation and transaction know how, we will assist you to acquire property advantageously.

Development Management

We begin by understanding your requirements, then via a design and approvals process build or refurbish to completion.

Seller Advisory & Representation

Understanding the client’s needs is essential to us. Then a cost-effective divestment strategy can be formulated that results in a successful outcome.

Relocation Management

End-to-end decluttering, relocation services and storage facilities can be provided.


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You can be your own builder!

April 25, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

When planning any house renovation project, you need to be courageous. While it is wonderful to breathe new life into an old home, it can be a challenge and while you can Do It Yourself, it is advisable to have a ‘guardian angel’ or development manager or facilitator like Blue Quadrant, with experience assisting you […]

There is a school of thought that property is a long-term investment. There are others who believe that timing is the key element to either investing or divesting of real estate. While there is some truth to both these propositions, this article will demonstrate that one could invest in any market, but with the qualification […]

Most people deal with a solitary bank without ‘shopping around’. A smaller percentage may visit two or three financial institutions to get the better financial deal and while this maybe a step in the right direction, it might have some risks. The advent of mortgage brokers has meant greater choice and in recent times with […]